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  • DIFUZE Android kernel fuzzing

    Pull the repo Install dependencies Setup the difuze. The end of the setup looks like this

  • Fuzzing Linux Kernel with syzkaller

    Google’s guide is sufficient to follow at the end of the setup you need to give config file to the syzkaller. for the workdir, the $GOPATH is going to be syzkaller path , not the GO’s path For example: ./bin/syz-manager -config=my.cfg It started to create a corpus. After a while, if we are lucky, syzkaller…

  • CVE-2022-34918 LPE

    https://github.com/randorisec/CVE-2022-34918-LPE-PoC https://randorisec.fr/crack-linux-firewall/

  • Debugging Linux Kernel With QEMU

    Install all dependencies and libraries for compiling the Linux Kernel sudo apt install libncurses5-dev libssl-dev bison flex libelf-dev gcc make openssl libc6-dev Clone the Linux Kernel source code git clone https://github.com/torvalds/linux.git Right after the compilation, open the configuration menu of the kernel cd linux make menuconfig Be sure the those configuration are on CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO=y CONFIG_GDB_SCRIPTS=y…